Who we are

Education is changing – politics is changing – educaion trade unionism is changing.

We face great challenges but have great opportunities – now is the time to renew and rebuild.

We are a group of activists who believe the time is right for us to establish the formation of a left caucus in the NEU based on a shared vision, values and commitment.

The aim of such a caucus should be to ensure that the principles outlined below are embedded at every level of the NEU.

We aim to call regional meetings during the spring term 2019 to discuss taking this forward.

Organising a member-led union

  • The need to build mass campaigns amongst our members and in local communities to win support for NEU campaigns that will benefit teachers, support staff and children – on testing, education, pay, workload, etc.
  • A commitment t0 what has been called the “organising agenda” in the NEU – being a member led union means putting school based organisation and reps, and networks of reps at the heart of the union we are seeking to build.
  • We are for the maximum involvement of members in decision making and campaigning.
  • A determination to achieve professional unity – one union for all education.


  • A belief that all children have an equal right to access a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • We oppose the labelling of children as failures and the obscene vaulation of them as commodities.
  • Taking up wider educational issues is crucial – for example, “resisting the GERM”.
  • We stand for a radical rethink of the curriculum and pedagogy.

Social Justice

  • Encouraging teachers and support staff to discuss the development of social justice as a focus for education.
  • A firm stance on linking our fight within education to the wider fight for social justice across society – consciously linking our struggles with those of other workers and community groups.


  • A resoulte opposition to all forms of racism.
  • Opposition to all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying.
  • A commitment to developing equalities work in the union.


  • A belief that internationalism and international solidarity are a key component of trade union work.
  • Continuing support for the Steve Sinnott Foundation, for solidarity with teacher trade unions in Cuba and Palestine, and for international peace and disarmament.