Call for the establishment of an NEU LEFT

Education is changing – politics is changing – education trade union is changing. We face great challenges but have great opportunities – now is the time to renew and rebuild.

We are a group of activists who believe the time is right for us to establish the formation of a left caucus in the NEU based on a shared vision, values and commitment.

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Latest Resources

  • NEU LEFT Bulletin October 2020
    Read our Latest Bulletin here ‘Covid Crisis, What Should We Do?’
  • NEU Left Meeting Recording
    Our meeting held on 10th September can be viewed here: Some great discussions around safety in schools.
  • NEU Left Bulletin
    Read our latest Bulletin, The Strategy Our Union Needs
  • NEU Left Bulletin – Sept 2020
    Our first NEU Left Bulletin, please read and share with your colleagues.
  • Zoom meeting – 10th Sept
    How do we keep our schools open and our communities safe? Open meeting hosted by the NEU left Thursday 10th September, 6:30 pm Register here