Call for the establishment of an NEU LEFT

Education is changing – politics is changing – education trade union is changing. We face great challenges but have great opportunities – now is the time to renew and rebuild.

We are a group of activists who believe the time is right for us to establish the formation of a left caucus in the NEU based on a shared vision, values and commitment.

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  • Business as usual ? Education Post Covid 19?
    School closures impact not only students, teachers, and families, but have far-reaching economic and societal consequences. Children thrive when they are safe and protected, when family and community connections are stable and nurturing, and when their basic needs are met. That stability and structure has undergone a cosmic change that as adults we have been […]
  • Education and Local Authorities in Wales
    NEU Left supporter, Mairead Canvan discusses the issues within education in Wales
  • Covid-19, the current assessment policy and the possibility of biases.
    Context – to discuss the issues that could arise from educators being instructed to assess their learners, using the assessment policy that has arisen from the covid-19 crisis due to the cancellation of formal examinations. As this is a massive area and time was very limited, I focused on early years and primary assessments in […]
  • Teacher assessment and the dissolution of the ‘exam factories’.
    An opinion piece, by Alisdair Smith, with the intention of opening a discussion on assessment.
  • Homework – time for a re-appraisal?
    The Covid-19 crisis that has closed our schools has sent most of us more deeply into the world of home learning than we’ve ever cared to go.